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30 Bible Lessons to Effective Prayer That Will Change Your Life!
The prophet Hosea declared the word of God, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
Knowledge of the foundational principles found in the Bible, including the nature of prayer, is crucial if we are to pray having a right understanding, a proper attitude, and confidence as we approach God.
And such prayer, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, is powerful!
Greg Scalzo, with over 32 years as pastor of Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle, delves into this essential Scriptural information in The Nature and Power of Prayer.  Along the way he answers such questions as:
Can I be sure of a Father-child relationship with God?
How can I know the will of God?
What does the Bible teach about sin and forgiveness?
Am I in a real spiritual battle?
Why do I go through trials and temptations?
How do I pray when I don’t know what to pray?
Why is the name of God important to prayer?
Divided into 30 daily lessons, this very doable workshop on prayer can be read over a morning’s cup of coffee and will bring you into the victorious hand of God’s blessings and provision.
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  The Nature and Power of Prayer
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